The first thought that came to my mind when I decided to participate to this challenge was the first landscape I saw when I arrived in Stockholm for my first time before some years. On our way to the house we were hosted, we had to cross a beautiful misty forest which is shown on the first of the reference images. That first impression is the basic
inspiration of the image I created. Another element I wanted to include was the Baltic Sea, which for some reason it is not shown on the pictures that I found online.
I decided to take a “boat” and make the picture coming from inside the water. My first idea was for the image to be vertical, in order to see the whole reflection of the building on the water. The problem was that the camera had to be too far and I did not want to lose all the nice details around the building. The mist reminded me old abandoned houses far from civilization so i thought that putting people around is helping the image to be more friendly and less spooky.
So, there it is! Afternoon, an exhibition is starting, the host is waiting on the door and people are on their way to enter the museum.
Last but not least I would like to mention that the canvases inside the museum are
actually my paintings.