As i mentioned above the project was much enjoying. I started creating the concept simultaneously sketching out the building across some concept. I started all the way downloading the reference from the Internet, then studied the images with respect to the amount of detail required and the logical measurement of the i began the modelling of the building the detaisl was little tricky but solving those was really enjoying, then i moved on to testing the different lighting mood for giving a best autumn feel after that i moved to the shader part in this time very well understood the coronaAO map, and its implementation aswell the parameters, the black facade shader wasn’t easy enough though i broke it down. moved to scattering up of the vegetation using the forest pack, shading the environment details, optimizing the scene. then i did some draft test at high resolution to accurately finalize the scene had to do some tweaks. then i was happy with the shader, composition & illumination, i hit the Render button, but seriously i hit it hard but not that harder that could break my keyboard ha ha. it almost took some 5 hours to render 3600px on my machine , i took the render into the photoshop did some highlight tweaks, tonal contrast, chromatic aberration & some color balance. I dint needed much post and my RAW render had all the beauty. I would like to thank ronen & tomorrow for this event