The main idea is the interaction of visitors with the museum. Being an exterior image, it is difficult to show what is happening inside the museum, that is why I opted for an artwork that can be appreciated from the outside.
Looking for inspiration to create a storyline aligned to my idea, I found the work of artist Gustav Hellberg, the exhibition “In your head”. Using this artwork, I was able to consolidate my idea of people interacting with the museum, the focal point of my image.
This artwork is located close to one of the entrances of the museum, in a segment of the facade that has been displaced outwards. In the middle of this new segment, a fixed slightly open door has been placed. Behind the door is a wall illuminated by hidden lights, making it difficult to understand the size of the concealed space. From hidden speakers comes the sound of a man’s voice repeating the phrase “Is it safe?”
I chose this camera angle because I wanted the artwork (door) to be the focal point of the image, besides, I wanted to show as much details as possible replicating the imperfections that exist in real world.
All the modelling was made in 3DS MAX, using as reference the drawings found in Archdaily and a lot of pictures of the museum.
The environmental lighting is a Vray Dome Light with an HDRI and the interior lighting are simple Vray Lights.
Postproduction was made in Photoshop, it consisted mainly color correction and people integration. For the people, I took the photography in my studio, simulating the lighting in the rendering.
I did all the work in approximately 30 hours, it was very hard to finish on time. If I could do something different, it would be to start a few days earlier.