I first tried to get to know the museum and the place, I live in Brazil so I used sites, google earth, archdaily …
Knowing the museum I started to model the building, it was a difficult but satisfactory stage since I liked the result
After the modeling I began to make a hand sketch to develop the environment, done that I used the model of the building that was already ready to choose the best angle for the proposed environment
Once this has been done in practice, I have already begun to set and prepare the shaders
So I started doing the rendering tests.
I started doing the work the way I wanted it, I did some small post-production tests to see if all the layers were in accordance with what I would need and rendered it in high resolution.
I tested a daytime render but I did not like it enough and finished the image with the dark weather I had been looking for since the beginning of the project.
The final image came out exactly as I wanted it, I managed to bring a low fog of the night, the effects of the lighting in that fog, and the building was not overshadowed by any effect or ambiance, everything was added generating a unit. Thank you, I hope you have enjoyed the project.