Having to show the best of this scene in a short period of time, i chose one side of the building to work on with its surrounding.

I imagened my building in a winter scene, after the rain when everything is still wet, and rain drops crawling on the wooden elevation and the glass. the building is located in a small village next to a park where you can find narrow streets with lot of dead leaves, and some benches where people can sit and look at the cityscape in the horizon.

I modeled my builing in 3dsmax and rendered in vray, photoshop for postporduction, plants and backround buildings from evermotion library. i have put lot of work on the materials to make them look wet and specialy the wood and the glass.

At first i wanted my shot to be in the blue hour scene, but i realised that it will loose lot of details in the dark, so i kept it as a night shot but with a warmer and brighter mood.

If i had the chance to redo the assignment, i would choose a snowy scene, when it starts to snow and not everything is covered with snow and you can still finds some places where you can see the ground and the dead leaves.