The venue is located in buffalo’s Broadway/Fillmore district. It is a beautiful building with station with Art Deco style, originally designed by renowned architects Architects Fellheimer & Wagner.
After doing extensive research on this building, I believe I can create a concept that reconciles the original design by adding modern traits together with leisure and nature, some deserved functionality to a place that shows a lot of potential for family leisure.
It is a restored space that would provide people to use a lot for activities related to events, points of sale, leisure and tourism. Since it can still become one of the main railway stations in the region due to its historical and tourist landmark.
Having these factors, I will be starting to work on the concept of the new building and park, maintaining art deco style designed by architects with the combination of a space with nature and modernity.

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  1. ronen says:

    This is so nice! Welcome Eduard (please remember to create you TALK account so I can sync it up with the blog entries)

    This type of building is what I hoped to see as part of CONVERTED and I’m very excited to see where you’ll take this…

    Good luck :wink:

  2. Evan says:

    A massive undertaking! This building is new to me. The vertical tower is a surprising element here. I tend to think of rail stations as predominantly horizontal. It will be interesting to see what you do with this piece.

  3. simplychen says:

    All things considered, it appears to be rather well-preserved. Hopefully the procurement of the plans and/or drawings weren’t too difficult. I had similar idea when starting out, but ended up picking on something else that’s more manageable due to the scope.

    I would certainly be keeping my tabs on this one.

  4. ronen says:

    Curious to see your progress so far… :star_struck:

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