Italcenti is an Italian building materials company with a production capacity of over 60 million tons of cement. One of these factories it’s located in Sicily close to the seaside. I was born in Palermo, the capital city of Sicily. When I was a kid and I was going to the sea with my parents I always see this big building from the car. I didn’t know what was and as a child, I didn’t question myself too much, it was always there but today I know for sure that humans got the power to destroy quite full places easily. I would like to rethink the same place and give it back to the people who live there. A place where to enjoy nature and became a meeting point.

Technically I am not sure still which will be the category that I will take part but I always use competition to challenge myself and learn new skills. I would love to make this a VR project but I am literally starting from zero knowledge.

Thanks if you read till here and good luck with the competition.

Notable Replies

  1. ronen says:

    Starting from ZERO is for a HERO!

    Welcome to CONVERTED Salvatore :wink:

    It is amazing you picked a building you know since you were a kid and that it had an impact on you enough that you want to take this project on now.

    Looking forward to see what you make of this one.

    Good luck!

  2. Flowstorm says:

    That’s an interesting site - pretty huge with lots of potential (if it’s the place I think it is) - looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
    Good luck

  3. simplychen says:

    A complex that large is bound to have a tremendous impact to the community at large. Can’t imagine it’s just being left there for that long without anyone doing anything about it, especially how close it is to a major route/high way. That said, the ease of accessibility could mean the conversion you have planned could greatly rejuvenate what was once static and cumbersome sight to many.

    Have you had any luck getting any architectural data? Imagine sneaking in at night and take measurements :face_with_monocle:

  4. ronen says:

    Would love to know the progress on this one!

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