The idea is to show conversion from our current noisy and busy way of existence to a more relaxed, balanced and connected one.

In 2051 people live together with nature, growing their own foods and 3D printing pies at the same time

Communication takes place through 3D hologram device, deliveries and transportations are powered by drones, which in return are powered by solar and wind energy gathered by the households.

People have finally incorporated daily exercise and mindfulness in their lives and are applying recycled materials wherever possible
(recycled plastic composite, recycled fabrics and wood)

Link to the final animation here:

P.S. I could still keep improving and improving the project, but the deadline is here and thank God, cause I think my eyes are in real danger of falling off.
Regardless of the creative process ups and downs, raised anxiety and complications with the substance animation rendering really enjoyed working on the project, learned a lot and most importantly had a lot of fun too! Many thanks to organizers and participants!

Notable Replies

  1. ronen says:

    OK! I’ll keep that in mind…

  2. Flowstorm says:

    Great work - I especially like the 2051 version showing nature brought into the interior and the view out over the landscape.
    I think you mentioned you used a render farm? - May I ask which one? - and would you recommend it to others? It’s always good to have recent recommendations for such things :smiley:
    Many thanks

  3. AniramAvosterg says:

    Hi! I used the Garage Farm and I do very much recommend it, it works fast even on a low priority and the support team is very helpful!

    The sending process is also very easy.
    Thank you for the kind words, now if I did it again, I would increase the drama of 2021 version, but at first I wanted it to be pretty somewhat as well :sweat_smile:

    P.S. back on the render farm topic, I think with some more experience and optimization its now possible to produce amazing animations at very affordable costs

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