Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by Viet Hung

The fact is I dont really know the starting point. So first time, I watch the images provided by Ronen carefully, thinking that it helps to find some clues. When saw the shape of the building, I realized that it look like some buildings belong to Postmodernism style. Then I googled with the key “Postmodern architecture”. I found that there are many interesting buildings, but those images do not really attract me, some of them look so boring. This is the key point. I start to think about lighting (and color) aspect.
Next, I start to look for some inspired images that attract me with its lighting. Fortunately, I have a collection of them on Behance. I chose the image ( thank to the author!) because I want to bring a feeling of fresh and brightness. After that, I asked myself: this is daylight point time, exactly the early morning, so how do I setup the camera and the surrounding for the scene? This time, I remembered to one of my interesting tutorial video that I bookmarked on Youtube. I took its screenshot (see below), and that’s exactly what I need. Right after that, I started to sketch out my idea on paper, very fast. And now you see it below.
With interior scene, I decided to start with composition. Also, I use a pen to sketch it, the fastest way, isn’t it? Then I transfered paper sketch into digital sketch so that I could see how it looks and could make some changes also. This time, I want to bring cinematic look to the rendering. Cinematic lighting, that’s it. So I searched for refference images. You can see it below.
Final is my liking. I chose an interior scene. And with the same process like two scenes above, I have the result that you see below.
There are my results untill now. I will keep update it. Thanks for reading!