Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by Joel Hutton

Hi everyone, here are my final submissions for the competition. Feel free to leave me any comments, feedback, etc.

For this round of tertiary detail and texturing, I made heavy use of procedural dirt materials using Coronas AO node, as well as several techniques of layering materials with the Corona Layered Material. The people are all 2D and have been re-lit to match the scene lighting. All narrative elements are true to the concept board I posted earlier. Good luck to everyone!

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by Joel Hutton

Hi all, I’ve just finished up with the secondary details of my images, and I wanted to share a few white model progress renders. These last two weeks will be spent modelling tertiary details, texturing, and adding narrative elements.

In addition to the white model renders, I’ve attached a concept board to show a few examples of inspiration for where I’d like to take the piece thematically. I don’t want to give too much away, but these images should give a sneak peak of what my end goal is.

As you can see, I’ve decided to switch out one of my exterior views for an interior shot of the main hall. I liked the vertical composition of the original exterior image, but ultimately I thought it was important to show the main interior space.

Overall I’m feeling good about where I am with the project, and I hope to finish up modelling and texturing this weekend. My next post will likely be the final images. Good luck to you all!

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by Joel Hutton

Hi all, sorry for the delay. I’ve been trying to keep these updates weekly, but with the holidays it’s been hard to keep up.

This week I’ve decided to share my progress with lighting and composition. These three views will most likely be my final choices, although I am working on an alternate view from inside of the central hall of the library. I’ll update you all if that becomes a viable option.

The first view from the left is a detail shot of the library. I wanted to show off the stucco and trim of the library, as well as create a tall, interesting composition using the geometric nature of the building. The biggest challenge I’m facing with this view is the trees that line the sidewalk- they tend to block the architecture if they are life-sized and fully leafed.

The second view is from a much farther vantage point. In contrast with the first view, I wanted to focus on the building in context with the bustling city around it, as well as the day-to-day activities of those who inhabit it. The long, wide Stockholm streets also provide a great sense of depth, and give an idea of the scale of the library.

The third view is much smaller in scope than the first two. This image will be an exercise in lighting composition, with a heavy emphasis on shadow, light, and form. The camera angle gives just a hint of the grand library beyond. I am a bit disappointed that much of the curved bookshelves are hidden in this view. I’m considering a fourth interior view, but since I am working on this project by myself, I may not take it to completion.

Overall I’m very happy with my progress so far, and I hope to have fully modeled white model renderings by the end of this weekend. Happy New Year!

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by Joel Hutton

It’s been one week since the release of the building model, and I’ve been hard at work planning the mood, composition, and purpose of the three images that I’ll be submitting for this competition.

The exterior shot was difficult to pin down at first. I finally decided that a closer, more intimate view of the building would bring out the trim detail, as well as the rich stucco texture. A closer shot also makes a more interesting, minimalist composition, which I think works nicely with the geometric nature of the library.

For lighting, I imagine a crisp European morning with blue hour light illuminating the building. I want to capture the stillness of a waking city, and the foggy, misty atmosphere that comes right after a rainfall.

For the interior shot, I want to focus on the intersection of staircases in the entrance hall. This image will be an exercise in lighting and composition, using the stairs and natural light to create a powerful image.

Most of all, I want to tell a story with each image. I’ll be focusing on the people who use the space every day, and capture small vignettes of daily life in Stockholm. I’ve made some headway on the initial modeling, and am slowly honing in on the views I’d like to focus on. White models are soon to follow!