Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by alejandrogrv

Finding the right spot for the camera was probably the hardest part of this image. It was only because of the brilliant job done by many people that just take pictures while they walk around or because they want to promote themselves on the web or whatever other reason and of course because of google maps that I was able to explore the surrounding streets. I found a small jewlery store accross the street that had a tiny virtual tour and just when I was about to exit the store, I ran into an interesting image. I decided to use this image as my starting point, but as this image was not intended to recreate reality as is but to compose upon an idea, the image started to change rapidly as I progressed. Layering and framing through reflections, showing architecture trhough a mirror was my sole goal. Post production was merely toning the image to look what I wanted.

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by alejandrogrv

I found an image on the internet that framed part of two spaces, the main hall and the main entrance, they contrasted with each other in such a way that it seemed to me as a good place for a composition that emphazised the interaction between architecture and light.

The camera angle was pretty much decided so it was just a matter of fine tunning the position, deciding on the lens and the image aspect ratio. I decided to go for a center composition to accentuate in the contrast between spaces, so that it felt almost like a dyptich. After finding some more references I decided I wanted to for for a contrast of bright lights an deep dark shadows, I also wanted to use color in light in order to diferentiate spaces. A vertical aspect ratio was used in order to narrow the frame and make the image look more dichotomic.

Modeling and shading with detail was pretty essential.

Post was very simple, I just added a little bit of detail and fixed color.

entry by alejandrogrv

I wanted the story of this image to be told through the composition itself, it’s not an image about a guy that borrows a book or anything like it, but rather an image that contemplates upon architecture and it’s surroundings.

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by alejandrogrv

I started the whole thing by doing a little bit of research as ususal, I bumped into an article by Caroline Constant that analyzes Gunnar Asplund’s “numerous site proposals as well as his subsequent designs for the library park in order to situate the building in a broader discussion of issues central to his architecture – the relationship between space and man, between object and man, between nature and man.”

From there, I decided I wanted to focus my image on what Constant describes as Asplund’s fusion between a monumental architectural conception with a monumentalization of the natural terrain.

Here is a link to the article I talk about: (Spanish and English)