Making of BOKA Artist Residence by EDiT

EDiT‘s BOKA Artist Residence images were highlighted as part of weeks 43+44 on the forum finished work section. First, because of the architectural subject and the location. Second, because of the great look & feel these images had to them. I wanted to learn more about their process, which was obviously post-work centric, and Uros and Igor were very keen to share it with us. Follow them below as they describe the process step by step along with a video to recap the breakdown in the end. Enjoy!

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Making of ‘Crystal Box’ Villa

tresde’s Santi Sánchez has been pretty active on the forums lately, and I like the fact his work is a mix of both ‘All In Render’ and ‘Postwork Based’ workflows. He’s really good at doing both, which clearly shows in his ‘Crystal Box’ Villa project which did not get too much attention on the forums, but it will now! This one was a personal project of his, intended to take postwork for a long drive. You’ll find here a Video by Santi taking you through the process of making this image, a step by step textual and visual breakdown as well as a scaled down version of his PSD file.

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12 Postwork Style Architectural Visualization Tutorials

I’ve written an article for 3D World Magazine that takes a look over the arch-viz field trying to define our workflows, styles and technologies we use in our daily work. You can find this article in the latest 3D World Magazine, April 2013 Issue, but since I run into the “Print World Wall” and couldn’t get in all the examples I had in mind, I decided to follow-up on the article by showcasing more examples that I like – Starting with the Postwork Style Workflow… Enjoy this roundup!

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Making of Roldal Pilgrim Center by Plankton Group

Planktongroup published the Røldal Pilgrim Center visual back in March this year, and it made a big impact on me. It reminded me a lot of MIR’s style, being located at Norway helped with that too… But this is a great piece of work standing alone, and relying so heavily on the use of Photoshop in achieving the final result form what proves to be a very simple raw render (from a super simple SketchUP model) makes the following read very interesting. Enjoy!

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