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Umberto Oldani is a 3D Technical Designer and founder of Rendering Evolution Studio, a leading entity in the digital visualization sector based in Milan. Since 2016, his studio has been dedicated to creating 3D architectural visualizations and interior designs, distinguishing itself through meticulous attention to detail and the ability to transform complex concepts into extraordinarily realistic images. Umberto cultivated his passion for 3D from his early years of study, delving into advanced techniques and modeling software. As a trainer accredited by the Associazione Blender Italia, he established the Rendering Evolution Academy, where he offers specialized courses for architects and interior designers in learning Blender software. With an eye always on the future, Umberto is committed to continuously exploring the new frontiers of 3D design. His goal is to remain at the forefront of his field, making significant contributions to the evolution of the industry and supporting the growth of new talents through quality education.

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Smart House

April 13, 2024 / in Blender / by Umberto Oldani

The Smart Home Case Study - Complete Project for a New Modular House

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Smart House

Umberto Oldani

April 13, 2024 / in Blender / by Umberto Oldani

Smart Home is a comprehensive rendering service that has transformed the approach to architectural project visualization into extraordinary visual experiences.

In this case study, we explore how Smart Home has redefined the standards of project visualization, focusing on an intriguing modular home project.

Our mission with Smart Home was to go beyond simple visual representation and immerse viewers in an engaging and realistic experience.

The goal was to visualize not just an efficient living structure, but also a dwelling that reflected the latest trends in design and comfort, through a space that not only met practical needs but also embodied a contemporary and sustainable aesthetic.

To achieve this objective, we leveraged the most advanced rendering technologies to create realistic images capable of capturing every architectural detail of the modular home.

These images, precisely illuminated and rich in detail, transport observers into a world where sunlight caresses every corner of the project.

Studio: Rendering Evolution Studio
Personal/Commissioned: Personal Project
Location: Australia

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