Sieben Residence / Oomen Architects

A nice set of “White Supremacy” interior images, this time with a good contrast dark wood flooring. Some interesting camera angles and tall image proportions I’ve not seen many to use… might be handy depending on the design, work rather well in this case. I also really love the exterior shot taken under the pathway ceiling looking out towards the pool, very good balance and mix of materials to learn from.

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8 Amazing Matte Painting Videos by Gordon Tarpley

I recently joined the CG Architecture group over at flickr, and this gorgeous image catched my attention today. The great thing about it and other images by Gordon Tarpley is that he kindly composed the process of his work from initial rendering to final image. These videos are very inspirational and are a rich source of information about how to postwork a render and add people, vegetation and amend it in many ways to achieve the desired and result.

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Making of ‘MS House’ at dusk, Part 2

I finally found the time to finish part 2 of Making of ‘MS House’ at dusk, Part 1. This time I’ll cover topics starting from the export of the SketchUP 3d model and up to the final render & post-production. Autodesk released the SketchUP Importer for 3D Studio Max 2010 which allows for a new and probably better importing of the SketchUP model then the 3DS format use described in this article. Next time I’ll keep post parts a week apart at most.

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An der Alster 1 / J. Mayer H. Architects

Opening the blog inspiration section is an architectural photography image set of a very cool looking office building. I love that they show several variations of the same viewpoint, you can learn a great deal about how materials react to different lighting situation this way. This set is varied in that it shows day and night exteriors and some “white supremacy” interiors i love so much. The dusk views look almost unreal with very intense levels of color. Read more