The Vineyard 2015 - TEAM - Factory Fifteen 18

“The Vineyard” Challenge Winners Announced!

After 3 Months of exciting and interesting challenge, I’m happy to announce the winners of “The Vineyard” challenge today, live at SOA Academy Day #6 in Venice, Italy. The announcement closes an amazing two days event held by my good friends at SOA, who constantly raise the bar making each one better than the previous one.

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Making of Vertical Garden

It’s time for some blender render to be featured here on the blog! I stumbled upon this beautiful work by Paulina Kochanowicz not long ago and thought this would be a perfect one to start with. First, because it looks great… I love vertical green walls and this one is beautifully executed. Second, it is all done inside Blender and rendered with the built-in Cycles render engine. Keep in mind all you see here is done with a freely available open-source platform. Enjoy!

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Making of Sea and Mountain Cabins

Today I’m happy to share with you this making of by Dusan Stevic from Architectural ID, a Serbian based visualization studio founded in 2011. The “Sea and Mountain Cabins” is a commercial project for showcasing their client’s cabins. Follow Dusan as he dives into the process of showcasing a wooden dominant design using 3dsmax and V-Ray is his main tools with lots of Floor Generator on the way. Enjoy!

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The State of the Blog / Birthday #6

Today marks the 6th year this Blog is running! The old saying stays true this time around as well – time indeed flies when you’re having fun. I hope you had lots of it here in the past year while sharing, learning and challenging yourself with new architectural visualisation work. Most of you probably take some much-needed R&R this month as I do and I wish you all the best and lots of fun, looking forward seeing you here during year no. 7 with more great stuff starting here with a recap, plans for the future and great giveaways as usual.

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Nakagin Capsule Tower - Preview

Nakagin Capsule Tower by Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand Benoit showcases his latest creation, three months in the making – The 3d recreation of the 1972 Metabolistic Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo by the late architect Kisho Kurokawa. This is a full-CG attempt at modeling and rendering a detail-heavy urban scene, and a pretty successful one (no surprise here!). We’ve seen this project being referenced before by Jean-Marc Emy in his winning CityLIFE challenge entry. It is unique and so is Bertrand’s work on it.

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