12 Warren Case Study by MARCH

15 Renwick case study by MARCH was among my favorite articles of 2015. Seemed only natural to me to keep tabs on what they do and share more great work here… today is such a day! 12 Warren showcases a different approach to architectural visualization once again. CARVED FROM THE QUARRY, it is a fresh breeze to what seems like a very matured and defined discipline by now, reminding us it does not have to be that way and there are still paths to be explored and not just on the technical side.

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Renzo Piano’s 87 Park by The Boundary

The Boundary showcases their latest and remarkable visuals for Renzo Piano’s 87 Park residential building in Miami. I had the pleasure seeing this remarkable piece of work for the first time during SOA Academy Day #6, during which The Boundary shared more information about the creation of the stills and animation this project called for. It is a pleasure for me to spotlight this project here, accompanied by some slides from The Boundary’s SOA Talk. Enjoy!
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Insight to Aerial Photography

It is not a secret that the photo being used as a backdrop for a photorealistic architectural visualisation, specifically an aerial, can make or break the visual. I find it odd I did not address this area of our work so far – When Virtual Meets Reality! That is why I’ve approached Jason Hawkes, A London based photographer specialising in Aerial Photography since 1991 to share his insight on the topic. Enjoy!

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