Mapping Tiles and Bricks with RailClone

iToo Software have released a new RailClone tips and tricks episode to demonstrate how to to grab the individual parts from a larger map and apply them to segments. The graph will automatically scale and offset the UVW’s of the segments to save you from having to edit the source geometry manually. Once completed all you have to do is apply the texture, enter the number of tiles for each axis, and RailClone will take care of the rest.

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Living Room : Detail Crop

15 Renwick Case Study by MARCH

The 15 Renwick visuals by MARCH captured my attention the moment I stumbled upon them. The different approach to architectural visualization is pretty clear and being interested to know more about how they approached this project and executed it, I contacted Kevin Cimini at MARCH with the aim of learning more and sharing it all with you here. Today I’m happy to post this case study of the Renwick 15 project. Enjoy!

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the vineyard main splash 08 background 01

The Vineyard / Unreal Engine Challenge Launched

Today, I’m very happy to launch “The Vineyard” Challenge in partnership with Epic Games and Nvidia as main sponsors, aimed at leading the architectural visualisation field into an exciting new chapter of realtime visualisation and interactivity exploration. Building on top of previous architectural visualisation challenges held on my blog, this time I’m calling upon challenges to join and let your creative minds run wild while using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 to create your entries. You can join as a solo artist or a team. Great prizes are dedicated to both!

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