Lucid Arch Dreams by Benoit Dereau

Seeing the Lucid Arch website for the first time it immediately captured my attention. This was prior to “The Vineyard” as I was making final prep for the challenge and I contacted Benoit Dereau, the creator, to learm more about it at that time. Benoit is a 3D Generalist who accumulated skills in architectural visualization and level-design for video games production. In the last couple of years he combines his CG knowledge to produce architectural visualisation scenes through real-time engines and today he showcases Lucid Arch Dreams here. Enjoy!

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NONSCANDINAVIA / Free 2D Cutout People

I’ll say it again, and again… and again! You can never have enough 2d cutout people for your renders. A steady supply is needed to avoid repetition, but also in order to avoid misplacement – and that fact is at the core of NONSCANDINAVIA. It’s is a free, open-source, online database of hi-res PNG images, dedicated to increasing diversity in architectural representation. The project is framed as a counterpart to Skalgubbar, the free Swedish cutout site causing a ubiquitous creep of Swedish hipsters in architectural renderings outside of Sweden.

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