Yale Center by Bertrand Benoit 02

BEST Visualization of YEAR 2016

2016 is behind us with 52 Best Weekly Visualization selected, as well as the 12 Monthly Best. Now is the time to announce the Best Visualization of the Year 2016. I’m very happy to present you with the “Yale Center for British Arts” Remake by Bertrand Benoit! It is never easy to pick the best one out of the best 12, but Bertrand sure excelled this time around, showcasing the remarkable subject matter that is Louis Kahn’s design.

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Nmachine - Ambassador Office 01

12 BEST of MONTH Visualizations of 2016

2017 started and it’s time to look back and reflect upon the best works posted by you on the forums during 2016. You can see all 52 best of week projects here – Best of Week 2016. Go ahead and take a look at them all, drop a good word and check here who entered the best 12 of the year. I’m very proud to share these great visuals with you and hope to see all of you keep sharing your remarkable works this year too! The top image has nothing to do with the final best of year pick in the end.

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Best of Week 24/2016 by Andrei Mikhalenko was about recreating a strong image he carried in his mind for some time. It was a personal project in which he bonded the winter harvested field concept with a house he designed later on to fit. This work focused heavily on creating the environment using GrowFx and Forest Pack. Besides these, Andrei also used 3dsmax and V-Ray to create the final images. Dive into this detailed making of the “Winterhill”. Enjoy!

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MAKING OF “Go Home Late (Tokyo 2007)”

Anh Nhân is a 3d Artist from Vietnam. He studied 5 years in the university of architectural design, and got interested and use 3dsmax & V-Ray during his 4th year there. His passion for CGI got him to follow ArchVIZ after the university. Today I’m very happy to share with you all the process behind his AMAZING work – Tokyo 2007, done as a tribute for his wife. Enjoy!

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Scattering on Vertical Surfaces with Forest Pack Pro

iToo Software has released a new Forest Pack tips and tricks episode to illustrate how the plugin can be used to scatter on vertical surfaces to create green walls. As well as going through the basics they share some tips on using and painting planting plans, as well as demonstrating how Forest Pack and RailClone can work together to make a fully parametric setup.

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