Studio: Omega Render

Client: Architects of Invention

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Moscow Russia

Sbercity is the competitive project of a small residential complex made by our client Architects of Invention. Being quite an innovative project as it resembles the vastness of office centers from the architectural perspective, in fact, it is a residential building. Located on the greenbelt, less than an hour away from Moscow, it is a sustainable, high-tech harmonious live-work place for business and families.

Omega knows: when visualizing large buildings with panoramic windows and glass facades, it is crucial to show the object in the evening. Indeed, acting as a continuous large window, the structure is able to illuminate itself at night from the inside without any additional illumination outside.​​​​​​​

Since the towers are located adjacent to each other, it was our primary aim to create an extremely photorealistic display of the towers in each other’s glass. This detail is particularly noticeable in the courtyard image. The fascinating trick allowed us to display the parts of the building that are hidden from our direct view.
All the illustrations are made from a street perspective because this position demonstrates the magnificent arches and totally glazed facades at its finest.


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