Studio: ArchiCGI

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Boston United States

This realistic Architectural Rendering represents an airy living room in soft neutral tones. Well-placed comfortable furniture makes this space ideal for relaxing, with cozy sitting area including sectional sofa and comfortable armchairs. Round elements, such as lamps and glass coffee table adorned with books, add harmony to this Realistic Architectural Rendering. The large windows are dressed up with gray curtains, letting the audience see the gallery with some green plants on it. Due to a masterful work with lighting, the interior is so full of life it’s hard to believe that we are looking at a realistic architectural rendering, not a photo.

With the help of 3D visualisation the designer has successfully presented this interior design with all its richness and nuance. Showcase the beauty of your unique design solutions with ArchiCGI 3D rendering services. Our skilled 3D artists will create the imagery of accuracy and impact that’ll take your clients’ breath away.

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