Studio: Omega Render

Client: Landry Design Group

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Malibu United States

The PCH visualization project was made for Landry Design Group. This interior is a great example of the proportionality and harmonious neighborhood of decor elements as well as minimalistic but expressive texture.

The entire interior is turned towards the panoramic window so that the landscape change and the landscape itself can be seen from any position in the space. Due to the interior of the house, the boundaries between the external and the internal are blurred.

The design of this project is unique in its combination of various approaches. It displays a mixture of different styles but at the same time it manages to maintain a sense of elegance and minimalism. The space around is convex and curved, whilst the interior does not lose its harmony and luxury.

The warm tones are accentuated by small spots of black color and cold dark blue stone. Moreover, the dark accents give the space a graphic look and the sense of depth. The interior is a combination of natural green materials, such as wood and stone.

The abundance of upholstered furniture, chairs and benches creates the feeling of a cozy space for an ideal relaxing holiday with your closest friends.

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