Studio: Omegarender, Duende

Designer / Architect: Roman Markelov

Client: Omegarender

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: - N/A

Not too long ago, like everyone else in our CG world, we got inspired by Midjourney artificial intelligence and made a lot of architectural concepts based on it. One of them we particularly liked, so we decided to render it. The result is delightful!

The architecture of the office building is eye-catching, thanks to the complex but harmonious combination of straight and curved lines, angles, and rounded corners. An ambivalent and surprising form emerges at the junction of voluminousl and austere shapes.

In addition to the architectural concept, the atmosphere of the stage is an eye-catching element. We have achieved a striking contrast between the oppressively dull and dark scene and one bright and shiny section that points precisely to the golden skyscraper.
Enjoy the view!

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