Studio: GP3D Studio

Designer / Architect: Frigerio Salotti, Italy

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Mariano Comense Italy


Davis In Sofa | Frigerio Salotti

Davis In Sofa

by Frigerio Salotti

Design Gianfranco Frigerio

Davis is not only a sofa. It is a system which allows you to create your bespoken sofa by choosing or matching the different armrests, legs and by choosing the seat comfort.
A relax shell with a refined aesthetical timeless balance, the sofas Davis In feature the geometrical pattern of the structure which envelops the soft seating seat, back and armrests cushions. Part of the wide and complex range of patent pending seating system Davis is available in two- and three-seater sofas versions and sectional elements such as central, terminal, corner, chaise longue, dormeuse plus asymmetrical elements which allow the development of composition with complex pace to which they could be matched. The aerial structure on wood or metal feet is in wood padded in polyurethane. The seat cushions could be selected in goose down or different densities of non-deformable polyurethane to match the different aesthetical and functional requests, softer and harder, more or less formal. The armrests width 22cm are in goose down with polyurethane insert. The back cushion in goose down with non-deformable polyurethane insert could be raised to provide more comfort to the seat which changes in depth: deeper and more comfortable with the raised back. Goose down is also used for the decorative cushions. Cover is in fabric removable or in leather. The goose down will give a softer appearance in time.

Professional 3D Model

Included is 2x highly detailed Sofa models with realistic materials and textures:

1x Sofa with backrest in a raised position
1x Sofa with backrest in a lowered position
(The cushions on the right have been customised to fit each sofa variation.)

– Detailed 3D model
– Scale in mm.
– Realistic Vray shaders.
– UVW unwrapped.

3dsmax 2011

GP3D Studio SKU: gp10074

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