Personal House 1

This shot is from my recent personal project. During my architectural oriented studies I became quite interested in so called earth-sheltered houses, and so I tried to design one as a inspiration for my future potential household.

I used the atmosphere from Slovak nature, with typical European trees. Most of the models are from Evermotion. Still, doing the vegetation took a lot of time to get it look quite realistic.

I hope you like it!

Investigation center in Tantauco Park,Chile.

The challenge in this project was always to keep up with the nature of the environment. The national park has an outstanding beauty, mixing a lake, different types of trees and mountains. So we focus on the exterior lighting in the first place and how the textures could represent realistically the truth of the landscape. Reflection and diffuse maps were made in photoshop, trying over and over to get the best results. We hope you like it.