In 2012, the archive receives a remodeling and adaptation of spaces, so the front and interior gardens are remodeled, however this project is in a small adaptation of the public space,
leaving a lot of wasted area to what I think was ignored completely the inhabitant of the space, who lives the place every day from the inside and only sees a wall suppressed of
the street by a little less than 2 m; The occasional visitor also does not receive an incentive to live in that space being ignored in the building, although it is true the building has its own
character and these interventions must maintain that air of construction of the beginning of the century and show its main function of jail, even So the first gardens that were prepared
were suitable for the time, these last modified very little of the original being almost the same physiognomy.

This is my proposal for the intervention of space

Parisian Refurbishment

This is a personal project that I’ve been working on my spare time for about two months now.

It all started as Corona released a new sample scene for Cinema 4D, Paris Apartment by Slashcube. I thought it was a nice opportunity to work on something different in my spare time, since having most of clients in Costa Rica regularly provides me with tropical-themed projects. So I thought, yeah why not a parisian apartment?

After that, the idea was to turn the classic original concept into a contemporary refurbishment with all what it includes. It was a great opportunity to explore floor generators in C4D as well as to explore with different textures that I don’t usually use for beach or tropical projects.

Here is the first set of images from the project, showcasing its common areas. I hope to be able to share a second set in the next months.