The Hotel In Carpathian Mountains

A story about two people who met each other couple of hours ago and agreed to meet at the entrance of hotel this evening.

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This project is a huuge closet project that we´re doing. The client asked for custom clothes due to avoid ready made models and fake aspect. So we´re glad to work on it.

Apartment Complex Vander Park

Typology: Apartment Complex
Location: Moskow, Russia
Status: on going
Customer: Group of Companies PIK
Visualization: Omega Render
Schedule of visualization: 1,5 weeks

Construction of a residential complex Vander Park is in one of the best districts of Moscow. In this visualization, we wanted to show the architecture style of the Netherlands, because the project was done by Dutch architects. The complex is 8 high towers, different in color and texture. The towers consist of separate displaced blocks so that on the floors we see the open terraces. The courtyard is separated from the external surroundings of the quarter. Here you can safely walk with children and play sports.