Among the pines

First goal of this project was to better understand and experiment with different foliage scattering methods to recreate the natural setting of a temperate coniferious forest.

Second goal that was set, focused on splitting and structuring the workflow into smaller pieces for a smoother experience using Corona Interactive. This scene was split into two parts – complex environment and a placeholder building, detailed building and a placeholder environment. This allowed me to work smoothly on the house itself after the surrounding environement was created. Before rendering, the scenes were merged into one.

TSR 006: From 3d modeling a Valtra Tractor to Visualizing Architecture by Rem Koolhaas and Isay Weinfeld with Jakub Cech

In this session, we’ll discuss how he started with CGI, Alex Roman, the phone call from Watson&Co. that made a big change and more.

Teenage Passion Turned ArchViz Career

Jakub’s work on was noticed by a major American branding company when he was just 18 years old. He received a phone call from Watson&Co., created a rendering for them, and began working remotely for them. That was a turning point for the direction of his career, but he has always maintained the overarching goal of creating images that he likes.

As you can see, Jakub started with something far away from Architectural Visualization but very near home.

Jakub’s 3d Start – The Valtra Tractor

Jakub’s Approach for Crafting Visualizations

As someone who has only had three or four clients so far in his career, Jakub’s approach to each client is understandably varied. The workflow starts with understanding the project and the type of people that are being targeted. He has discovered that understanding his client’s perspective is essential to getting the best images created. He can spend up to eight months with a client in America, while a client in Slovakia may only require up to six weeks of non-stop work to produce the same images. While the approach may vary, the work that is done is always completed to his personal and unique standard of satisfaction.

“Ranch” for SeARCH Architects. Best of Week 08/2015

Working with a Branding Company

Even though he’s never worked in an office with multiple CGI artists, working with a branding company like Watson&Co. gave Jakub a different view of the overall process, from fonts and color to lighting and branding. While there, he worked with designers, graphic designers, web designers and more, and he calls his time there “very intense.” Interacting with multiple disciplines was very enriching for him, and helped to widen his point of view while crafting his images.

Park Grove by Rem Koolhaas, Miami. Image by Jakub Cech for Watson&Co.

All about Beautiful Computer Generated Images

In comparison to the time spent on commercial projects, Jakub is working more now than ever. His decision to take time off from work to focus on a project that he believed in was inspired in part by Alex Roman. In our conversation, he shares his comprehensive goal of always creating images that he likes, as well as his desires for future collaborations.

Beautiful Computer Generated Images I. – Giant Simplicity. Best of Week 11/2017

Main Quotes

“I’ve always felt different a bit in terms of how I see things.” — Jakub Čech

“My main goal was always to do a picture that I’m going to like.” — Jakub Čech

“I like totally different elements in pictures than I think most people do.” — Jakub Čech

“I always try to represent my own taste.” — Jakub Čech

“I don’t think still image is going to die … it’s going to be there for ages.” — Jakub Čech