Office Furniture Showroom

Our client approached us to visualise one of their spaces due to be rented soon. It’s about a space that is meant to be used as an office furniture showroom. Due to limited natural light most accent was put on spotlights to highlight various zones and pieces. Mostly based on IES lights.


We have Done This Project For in Very Short Deadline. Client has Given this project to a local Freelancer and they could not deliver client’s Requirement so client has contacted us and ask us to do this project in Max Deadline of 2 weeks. We have delivered Project in 8 to 9 Working Days.

We have used SketchUp For Modeling of Architecture, 3DS Max and Corona 1.5 For Rendering and Photoshop for Final Editing.

For Day View we used Simple Corona Renderer Sun & Sky and For Night View we used NoEmotion HDRi Sky.

Hackney Shed

I used only 3dsmax and Corona Renderer for this piece. Textures are all hand painted and this is the raw render with no post processing done. No HDRI image. Lighting was achieved with a number of lights in the scene. The books are also handpainted as well as the text on them. Textures were hand painted using Photoshop and some textures using Blender 3d painting feature. Viewport Canvas (3dsmax painting feature) was also used for hand painting textures.

Personal House 1

This shot is from my recent personal project. During my architectural oriented studies I became quite interested in so called earth-sheltered houses, and so I tried to design one as a inspiration for my future potential household.

I used the atmosphere from Slovak nature, with typical European trees. Most of the models are from Evermotion. Still, doing the vegetation took a lot of time to get it look quite realistic.

I hope you like it!