B&TB + Powerhouse “District E” Eindhoven COMPETITION WON

Our first collaboration with the nice people from Powerhouse Co. brought nice results.
They won the competition for a 70,000 m2 mixed use building right next to the central station of Eindhoven.
We felt extremely happy when our 15 min sketch from the station platforms which originally wasn´t going to happen, finally made it in the end. We really like happy accidents.
Champagne for everyone!


When i recieved this project i felt in love with this relief and house location near lake.
I was recalling the time spent in the countryside in my childhood every summer. I still remember the smell of different grass and the color of sky there and i miss it.
I started showing various weather and mood. So i finished the project for myself with different camera angles and lighting schemes i also wanted to practise with.
I hope you will enjoy it.