Parisian Style Interiors

The main aspect of the visuals that had to be done right was the style. After having created a couple of iterations I managed to establish the feel of the shots and got the client’s approval on the end visuals.
A stage of the visuals’ creation that I always enjoy is the production of each piece of furniture, from the 3d modeling aspect to the shading one, and this project was no different. The play on the tones and colour combinations in this project was also an exciting part as well.

Let me know if anyone has any questions and I’ll gladly reply in due time.

Thank you,

Eduard C.


Image made for my own portfolio after completing a CitizenM project for Concrete Architects. Most of the design was changed and/or blurred with the depth of field effect to make sure that the original design was not visible.

Sanders Hotel Room

A commercial project that we finished several months ago. Lately, we are allowed to publish this. So I spend my weekend to change the design a bit to my taste and experiment with numerous shots.
This hotel is coming soon in July 2017 btw 🙂
Full project on my Behance :

Two Houses

For this project we are based on the project of MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects.
It was done with 3d max, for the landscape was used forest pack, for water and sand we used subtance with which we achieved a realism in the textures, and rendered with crown render. The post production was done with photoshop.