Find the fox!

The project is a Multifunctional space located at the entrance gate of Maaloula. The desertic scene shows the lighting effect of the facade in a dark environment. Adding some details on the composition was an important point in order to create a significant scenery, and giving the audience an interesting experience.

Palissade Set

The Palissade set, is a table + chair designed by Bouroullec’s brothers for HAY. With a unusual green touch, I make this simple kitchen scene. The lamp is the famous Zettel by Ingo Maurer.


The opera builder asked us to create some renderings to advertise new housing units. The architect has given us the lot, and we have achieved 2d rendering.

Modern Kitchen

I reinterpreted and furnished a kitchen space by choosing and placing design objects. The concept of the room is designed for one-lit space with natural light in order to give more prominence to the kitchen is the hub of the space.

Renovation in Sandrigo

Renovation of an old house in Sandrigo (VI) Italy. The architect asked us to reproduce his 2D drawings in 3D rendering to advertise the building and make it more attractive for a possible customer.

They have created a series of external rendering and some interior renderings. For the interior design of the interior it has been created by us.

The Terraced Tower

We did this one pretty efficient. Luckily, we were close to Rotterdam so we could go there to collect some feelings and pictures in order to show in its best what’s gonna be another big tower in the city of the “Nieuwe Maas” River.