United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial International Design Competition

For this competition we’ve had the pleasure of working with Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects and David Morley Architects for the international design competition launched by the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation in September 2016 sought to identify the very best architectural talent to create an emotionally powerful and sensitively designed memorial.

Read more about the proposal here.


Recently I started to test FStorm Render in order to see if I can replace V-Ray RT GPU for my interior design projects. The initial tests completely satisfied me, so I started to work on this personal project to see how it performs in real world.

Ingersoll Road

We want to present our latest personal work from the architects McLaren Excell.

Its a minimalistic victorian terraced house in Shepherd’s Bush.

Our main focus was to reproduce the original photographs and to practice our overall abilities. Everything was modeled with 3dsMax and rendered with Corona Renderer because it is perfect for this kind of interior scene.

It was important to keep the simple and beautiful atmosphere of this building.