Melancholy Sanctuary VI

This is the first personal project I did with Substance Designer so the tiling of the concrete material was very easy to customize.

There was no dome light or GI in this scene, I only used self illuminated planes and a Vray sun which makes it easier to make certain gloomy moods.

Peninsula Place

There are landmarks in London that never fail to evoke wonder. Calatrava’s first UK project on Greenwich Peninsula will be one of them.

Here you will emerge from the tube into a winter garden. You will find an urban forest, a galleria and of pavement cafes and shops. Above you only glass, only sky.

This is Peninsula Place. This is a new 1.4 million square foot landmark for London, designed by Santiago Calatrava and set to transform Greenwich Peninsula.

Working with Director Steven M Fisher, we created all of the CG content for the film, bringing to life the vision for Peninsula Place.

We also created a suite of images used at the launch event, the projects website – and included the new development in our interactive online paperworld –

Roman balconies, Italian luxury.

This sofa was pleasure to work on. A client was bringing the sofa for a class project and wanted it shown in the render , unfortunately the team was not able to model it to a high quality due to the time constraint and the complexity. I was away on a contract and when I came back I was met with the challenge of modeling this. It was a pleasure to make it and it required a good 2 days to make ; needless to say there was no compromise on quality and the model was above par. After leaving my job in Mumbai i decided to add it to my personal projects and rendered it to show off its luxury in a roman balcony.

Hut Adventurer

From the diary of a traveller.

The first day.

This time I went to Lombok. A small island in Indonesia. What can I say at once, there is very beautiful. In such places, I am very rarely. The local people are hospitable and friendly.
i got to my house without any problems. Immediately transported all the necessary things. had to work of course, their too much.

In the capital I saw a very beautiful girl, talk to her. She said that she knew the beach where the biggest waves on the island. Tomorrow we are going there.

Who knows what will happen …

Ice Club

This building name was ice and i tried to design something related with ice cube. this is why i used separate cubes in different size.