13 Free Models by DesignConnected

The DesignConnected Giveaway will start soon but as a prelude to it, the good people at DesignConnected added this free pack of 13 models especially for this blog and it’s birthday for everyone to use. The files come in various formats so please download only what you need.

In each of the model folders you will have one or more preview images, text file with link to the model at the DesignConnected website and the different file formats of the model to download. Enjoy!




A big thanks to DesignConnected for offering these models.

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  1. pixelwash
    pixelwash says:

    I cannot download the free models. For the last two days the area below your post “power by BOX” has a small text message saying “Sorry the Boxnet server is not responding now”.

    I’m on Safari on Windows 7 64…

    many thanks

  2. pckMark
    pckMark says:

    Huge thanks to you everyone who was involved with sharing these! Long time since i have seen such beautiful free 3d models.


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