Interior Design Sketch

Sharing this great video tutorial by Pedro Fernandez from ARQUI9 Visualization. He takes a very simple basic render and sketches it out in Photoshop all the way for a final concept. Pretty cool and fast process… I would consider as a first stage in a more elaborated and long duration project to get things decided without doing all the 3d work related to it.

Enjoy this one!

Gear used :

  • Wacom Intuous 5 Medium
  • 2 Dell 24 IPS Monitors
  • i7 Computer, Geforce 780, 32GB Ram

Here is the final image result…

And look what Pedro started with!

Let me know what you think of this process… is it relevant for you?

Andreas Pandis
Andreas Pandis

client will say: " great, and now... turn the cam a little bit right... more right...STOP... little up... up...up...down...right..OK!"


Lol you're right it is a very good work, but not realistic like a RAW render.