The Museum / Maxwell Render Challenge is at its end and final image submission is set to Wednesday, August 15th 23:55 UTC / GMT. My deepest thanks to all of the challengers, for doing the hard work and sharing your great art with us all. And also send a big thanks to all of the sponsors for their great support allowing this event to take place.

A few things before you upload…

Your final images dimensions should be in print resolution (as large as you can possibly render). As a guideline the minimum size of final images should be 2480×1812 or 1812×2480 depending on the proportions of your image (Portrait or Landscape). Try to avoid resizing to achieve this minimum.

Even so, do not render larger then the minimum with low settings. It’s best to keep the minimum but rendering it with higher quality.

After you upload your images, please take the time to update the first post of your thread attaching those images to it so that they are visible upon first page open. If your thread name is still missing your full name please update it too.

Use the the Fixed Time World Clock showing the times in major cities around the world for the August 15th 23:55 UTC/GMT deadline so you know exactly what it is at your local location 🙂

Visit the Extra Images Upload page if you have more images to add and please consider adding your feedback at the Challenge Feedback page.

Primary Images Submission Form

Please use the following form to submit the images (2 images). Please note that the upload process may take more then just a few minutes depending on your connection speed and there will be no progress bar visible… so just wait for it to end and then you will be redirected to the feedback page. The upload limit is 24MB total for both images.