The model kit of parts will be provided for you. Using this kit, but not limited to it (more details about that later), you will have to create and submit at least one image. The environment in which you set your designed model is totally up to you and the end result can be either an interior, exterior or a mix of both. You can explore several viewpoints during the duration of this challenge and submit a maximum of two final entries for the judging.


The challenge concept and model kit is a result of my architectural studies a long time ago that I happened to stumble upon again while browsing some old backup files. I did my best to create a robust basic set of model parts to allow you maximum freedom within the confines of the kit’s initial look & feel. By downloading and using this model kit you agree to credit blog and the original author of the model – Ronen Bekerman. Other then that you may use it for anything you like. I will setup a special HOVER designs page once the challenge is over the showcase what can be done with it – You will be able to send your designs regardless of the HOVER challenge itself.

More detailed information will be posted here once the model kit is public… very soon now 🙂

How the Challenge will be run

This challenge will be a Work in Progress (WIP) Challenge so that everyone can learn from each other and offer feedback and critique. Each challenger is required to submit WIP images, from the initial concept sketch to wire frame models, texturing in progress continuing to the final render and post production.

What will you do during the Challenge

  1. Enter the Challenge by registering to the forums.
  2. Create your Challenge thread using your name for it and say hey!
  3. Submit your WIP images as you progress with your work.
  4. Reserve the first post of your thread for milestone images
  5. Participate in the Challenge forum offering feedback for fellow challenger’s works.
  6. Submit your final entry between 10th and 20th of October 2010.


You are encouraged to post on the Challenge forum as many WIP images as you can. Since this time you will also have to create your own models, it is important to show how you did them. The minimum requirement is to submit an image for each of these milestones – Concept Sketch (Your HOVER design in a location you think about), Environment Modeling, Additional objects modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering, Post Effects and Composting, Final Image. You need to submit at least one final image in this challenge, but allowed to add one more to be considered in the judging (only one of them can win). Your image can be an interior, exterior or a mix of both.

Final Images Submission

Your final image dimensions should be no less then 2480×1812 or 1812×2480 depending on the proportions of your image (Portrait or Landscape). The winners will have to submit a larger version of their image no less then 3636×2657 or 2657×3636. Try to avoid resizing to achieve this minimum.


  • You must register to the forums.
  • Employees of sponsors can participate but will not be eligible for prizes.
  • Any image deemed to be the same or similar to one currently published will be disqualified for reasons of copyright liability.
  • Any imaging deemed to contain content that depicts explicit acts that are overtly violent, sexual, cruel or brutal will be disqualified.
  • You can use any kind of software to create your project (full licenses or trial demos allowed).
  • You must create / model your own 3d assets for this challenge with the exception of vegetation, cars and 3d people objects.
  • The work you submit to this Challenge must be your own personal works, groups and companies are not allowed.
  • Two submissions per artist are allowed
  • You must not publish the work during the Challenge outside the dedicated forum, you are encouraged to link to it if you like.
  • The Challenge commences on 20 July 2010 and will run until 20 October 2010.
  • Final images submitted after 20 October 2010 will not participate in the judging stage.
  • To be qualified WIP (Work In Progress) images must have been submitted during the challenge.
  • All winners are required to write ‘making of’ articles to be eligible for prizes.
Please follow me on twitter. I’ll use it to send out challenge news using the hash tag #rbc_HOVER so you can filter out all but the related HOVER news if you like 🙂

Terms and Conditions for Artists

  • The sponsors of this Challenge may use short-listed and winning artwork for marketing purposes in the context of the challenge.
  • The sponsors agree to clearly credit the artist if any of his artwork is used.
  • To be eligible for prizes, all winning contestants must provide detailed Making Of’s to be published on the blog.
  • may use submitted artwork on it’s website or other media to promote or document the challenge.
  • All artists will be contacted prior to any hard copy publishing for final image approval.
  • No artwork will be used in any media without clear credit being given to the artist.
  • No artwork will knowingly be sold, in whole or in part without the artist’s prior consent.
  • Artists may to use the images created for personal promotion with mention to the challenge.

If you do not agree with any of the above terms and conditions, please do not enter the Challenge.

The Rules & Terms are subject to change.