I’m finally proud to launch the first Architectural Visualization Challenge hosted on my blog! I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a long time and I am very happy that my new blog allowed for this to happen so fast! I hope this will be a great experience to all participants and visitors of this blog and the new forum opened for this Challenge.

GH House Challenge Duration

15 December 2009 – 15 March 2010

Winners announced… Check out the Winners page for more information.

Your Mission

In this first challenge you are asked to visualize a small scale private house design – The GH House. The house model is provided for your use with an optional garden and pool, but you can create your own garden for it and you must also place the house in a context of your choice. The environment you create for this house can be as small scale or as large scale as you want. You can place the house by the sea, deep into the woods or even on your office table!

You are encouraged to think beyond the traditional or conventional interpretations of this theme. Jump start your imagination and create something original! Try your best to evoke our emotions when viewing your visuals, making us feel what it is like to be near or inside that house.

The House Model

Download the model (Server 01)
Download the model (Server 02)
Download the model (Server 03)

one more option if the others don’t work


On the Judging panel for this Challenge you will find yours truly as well as:

Architect, Photographer and 3D Artist Peter Guthrie. Peter has truly mastered the use of V-Ray in Architectural Visualization. His latest Farnsworth House imagery is nothing short of amazing. He’s also been one of the five finalists at the Architectural 3D AWARDS 2008.

The stuff at Dunsky Kornhauser Architects. They are responsible for the unique design of GH House – the main theme of this Challenge.


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