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June 26, 2014 |  by  |  How-To, Scripts & Plugins, Tutorials

It’s been been a year since iToo Software released RailClone 2. To thank users for their support and celebrate its first birthday they are releasing a brand new, World Cup inspired tutorial set, featuring nearly 50 minutes of video training! Go ahead and build your own Stadium.

This definitive series of 5 tutorials has something for everyone, whether you’re new to RailClone, using the lite version for the first time, or an experienced user, you’ll find something new to learn. They invite you to follow the tutorial from start to end or start with any one of the stand-alone lessons. Scene files are provided that allow you to jump in at any point.

tut1 5 RailClone Tutorials / Stadium

Tutorial 1 : Creating the railings and barriers using library styles (Lite/Pro)

In this section you create the metal railings, concrete barriers and glass facades that run around the entire stadium using the default library styles included with RailClone 2.  Learn how to use our extensive libraries out-of-the-box, or adapt them to fit the needs of an individual scene.

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tut2 5 RailClone Tutorials / Stadium

Tutorial 2 : Creating the advertising hoarding (Lite)

This lesson demonstrates how to control the material ID of segments to create randomly applied textures on the advertising hoarding around the perimeter of the arena. Also learn how to add parameters that can be adjusted without needing to open the style editor.

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tut3 5 RailClone Tutorials / Stadium

Tutorial 3 : Creating the seating (Pro)

In this tutorial create a custom seating style for the stadium with chairs attach to a continuous rail sat on regularly spaced supports. Learn how to create a  composite style comprising 3 generators controlled by a single spline.

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tut4 5 RailClone Tutorials / Stadium

Tutorial 4 : Adding the audience (Lite)

Having created a seating style in the previous tutorial it’s time to add a crowd. This section explores the many randomization controls available in RailClone to help create varied audiences, with flags!

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tut5 5 RailClone Tutorials / Stadium

Tutorial 5 : Creating the roof (Pro)

In the final installment get to grips with RailClone2’s new two-dimensional array generator. In this tutorial we’ll explore how to use this generator to make a parametrized roofing style, with controls for angle and depth. The style is made from 3 generators and uses sequence operators to create repeating patterns.

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Go ahead and check out the “Stadium” tutorials page now…

The files that come with this series are compatible with 3ds Max 2011 – 2014, and RailClone 2 Pro and Lite.

Make sure you check the readme file that comes with this scene for the terms of use.


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